Non Immigrant O The marriage Visa extension and Renewal

Non-Immigrant O visa – Thai marriage visa/ Thai Spouse Visa

( Extension / Renewal )

 ให้คำปรึกษา แนะนำ และบริการยื่นเปลี่ยนประเภทวีซ่า Non O และต่อวีซ่าภรรยาไทย ( วีซ่าแต่งงาน  หรือ วีซ่าคู่สมรส กับ บุคคลสัญชาติไทย )

Thai marriage visa can be obtained if a foreigner is married to a citizen of Thailand.
After the Marriage Registration in Thailand, the foreigner will be eligible to apply for Thai Marriage Visa or Non-Immigrant “O” visa under the category of Thai Spouse.
Our company also assists the Marriage Registration.

When you register Marriage with Thai Citizen, it doesn’t automatically grant you the Thai Marriage Visa, you have to apply for it at the Immigration Office and provide the required documents for the visa application.

This visa will allow you to stay in Thailand for a period of one year, and it can be renewed annually from within Thailand, as long as you continue to remain married and meet all the criteria for the visa.


Our company provides consultancy of Non-Immigrant O Visa-Thai marriage Visa or Thai Spouse Visa or Thai wife visa in Thailand as well as assists foreigners to arrange and prepare all necessary documents to obtain Non-Immigrant O Visa-Thai marriage Visa or
Thai Spouse visa or Thai wife visa extension and renewal
or changing the type of visa to Non-Immigrant O Visa-Thai marriage Visa or Thai Spouse or Thai wife at Immigration.

If you do not have some of documents or you missed or do not have all of documents required by The Thai Government. THAI VISA BANGKOK will work with you to find a way and ensure that your needs are met.


No matter where you are in Bangkok or outside Bangkok
( Nonthaburi, Pathumthani, Samut Prakarn, Korat etc ).
We can assist you for
Non-Immigrant O Visa-Thai marriage Visa or
Thai Spouse visa or Thai wife visa extension and renewal

We provide consultation on a per case basis.


  Changing the type of visa to Non-Immigrant O Visa-Thai marriage Visa or Thai Spouse or Thai wife
  start from 12,000 THB

  Extension or Renewal Non-Immigrant O Visa – Thai marriage Visa or Thai Spouse.

  start from 12,000 THB
  Our service fees are not included all Thai Government fees.

  Please contact 096 – 897 – 3378 or LINE ID : thaivisabangkok


A Non-Immigrant O Visa does not allow you to work in Thailand, but it does allow you to apply for a work permit. It is illegal to    start working in Thailand before being granted your work permit and doing so will mean risking fines, possible imprisonment, and        the loss of your visa.



    ·    A recognized Marriage Certificate (you may also be required to present an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from a Thai Embassy or Consulate from your home country.

    ·    You must give proof that you have at least 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account in your name, and that it has been there for at least 2 months.

    ·   Or, you must prove that you have a monthly income or pension of at least 40,000 baht per month (this can be done though an affidavit from your foreign embassy) or.

    ·   Or, have a combination of the money cleared in a Thai bank and an annual pension totaling at least 400,000 baht. In order to prove how much you have in your Thai bank you will need to provide:

    ·   An updated bank book or passbook.

    ·   A letter from your bank stating that all money transferred to your bank from overseas was cleared at least two months prior to making your visa application.


     ·   Other documents which may be requested:

     ·    A Police Clearance.

     ·    A Medical Certificate.

 How to apply

  A Thai Marriage Visa can be applied for at a Thai Royal Consulate or Embassy outside of Thailand, or at an Immigration Office within Thailand.

  If you wish to start your application outside of Thailand you will first need to make an application for a Non-Immigrant O Visa of either 90 days or 1 year. Once in Thailand you can report to          immigration and activate your Non-Immigrant O Marriage Visa.

  You must make sure you have all the requested documents, including copies and all originals. When entering Thailand on a 90 day Non-Immigrant O Visa, you must make the Marriage Visa        extension at an immigration office during the last 30 days of your permitted 90-day stay.

  The normal process for a marriage visa takes around 4 weeks, but in some cases it can take a week or 2 longer.