Non Immigrant O Guardian

Non-Immigrant O visa – Guardian Visa

( Extension / Renewal )

Child support visa, not to be confused for a Guardian visa. A Guardian visa is a visa option for people who are not married but are in a relationship with a Thai person and have children together or who are raising Thai children.

To gain the child support visa, besides being the child being a Thai citizen you will need to formally adopt the child (assuming you are not married or going to marry one of the child’s parents). This can get a little complicated especially if one of the parents is unavailable to sign the adoption paperwork and a court order is required.

 A guardian visa is sometimes confused for a child support visa, but this visa is a good option for young foreigner families that want to live & educate their children in an international school in Thailand, but do not plan to work here.


 Guardian Visa Requirements;

          1.      90 day single entry non-immigrant O visa.

          2.      500,000THB in a Thai bank account for 30 days for your first submission.

          3.      500,000THB in a Thai bank account for 90 days for each following year.

          4.      Paperwork from your child’s international school.

          5.      Notarized birth certificate.


    The service fee start from 12,000 THB.
    Our service fees are not included all Thai Government fees.  

    Please contact 096 – 897 – 3378 or LINE ID : thaivisabangkok