Non Immigrant O Dependent

Non-Immigrant O visa – Dependent

(Extension / Renewal)

          Foreign males who have children with a Thai national can apply for an “O” visa based upon having a dependent Thai child. This type of visa is usually issued as a marriage visa but can be issued for those committed to supporting their Thai child or children, it is especially useful for foreigners who have children with their Thai partner but are not married.

Requirements to obtain the visa:

If a foreigner wishes to obtain a visa on the grounds of supporting their Thai child they will need the following documentation:

     ·    Application form: This is known as form TM7

     ·    Passport: Original passport as well as a copy of the passport

     ·    Photograph: A recent 4 cm x 6 cm photograph of the applicant

      ·   Evidence: This should identify that the supporter or the one being supported is of Thai nationality, or that they are residing in the Kingdom

      ·   Proof of finances: You will need to produce your personal Thai bank book that shows funds of at least 400,000 baht in your          account or an income of at least 40,000 baht per month. This should be accompanied by a letter from your bank confirming these funds, or a letter from your country’s Embassy confirming your monthly income is at least 40,000 baht

       ·   Birth certificate(s): Copies of birth certificates should be presented if these are available

 If you do not have some of documents or you missed or do not have all of documents required by The Thai Government.

THAI VISA BANGKOK  will work with you to find a way and ensure that your needs are met.

We can assist you for Non-Immigrant O Visa – Dependent Visa extension and renewal.

We provide consultation on a per case basis.


Changing the type of visa to Non-Immigrant O Visa – Dependent Visa
start from 12,000 THB

Extension or Renewal Non-Immigrant O Visa – Dependent Visa

start from 12,000 THB
Our service fees are not included all Thai Government fees.

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